Message from Reb Gooding

President Direction Associates, Inc.

Our Direction Associates team takes great pride in making our clients successful. In every engagement we focus our efforts on finding the right path for our clients to follow and work hard to assure their success.

Time is possibly the greatest wasted asset in business. Once it is spent, it can never be retrieved. We like to think of DAI as the Red Adair of the consulting business. Red Adair was the famous oil well fire fighter from Texas, and he understood that time is money. Whatever the urgency, we believe in diagnosing the situation and delivering the right solution as quickly as possible and following through to successful implementation. Right actions at the right time yield right results.

Our clients tell us that they like working with DAI because we take a practical approach using good business sense, enjoy our considerate style, and recognize our ability to push when needed to drive focus on getting high value results. In this website we provide background, explain what we do, and show examples of client case studies. We really enjoy our work and having the opportunity to assist in challenging situations. Feel free to call me (765-643-4985).