Approach To Serving Clients

Direction Associates: Approach to Serving Clients

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Since 1986, Direction Associates, Inc. has continued to develop and refine its methodology and tools through extensive research and successful implementation with clients. We recognize that the specific needs of each client are unique thus results are best achieved by combining a structured approach with application of appropriate, proven tools.

We also understand that locking in gains and laying a foundation for continuous improvement are keys to the long-term success of our clients. Sustained long-term performance is achieved by successfully applying change management focusing simultaneously on planning, people, and process.

Engagement Framework

A Strong Foundation to Quickly Achieve Superior Results

Direction Associates: Engagement Framework

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Direction Associates leverages its Engagement Framework along with selective application of appropriate tools and concepts to rapidly resolve client issues.

The Engagement Framework ensures a strong foundation for each engagement while allowing DAI to quickly adapt to a client’s specific needs by prioritizing and applying the most impactful tools, applied in a collaborative environment with the client to gain organizational alignment required for successful implementation .

To deliver the desired results, engagement approaches can range from the application of one tool to the implementation of a full, self-sustaining transformation across an entire enterprise.

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