Case Studies

Clients across a wide range of industries have benefited from DAI’s rigorous approach and application of proprietary, proven tools. Examples of DAI client engagements are shown below, and there are links to selected case study summaries. PDF downloads are available.

Strategy and Marketing Projects

Strategic Planning and Management System Improvement for a global automotive component company

Growth Strategy Development for a provider of technical consulting and engineering services to the N.A. OEM automotive market

Portfolio Assessment for a global automotive systems supplier

Implementation of a value-based selling process to increase win percentage and profit margin

Market research using Voice of the Customer to identify key customer requirements to drive new product development for core market segment

Evaluation of potential acquisition targets and development of acquisition strategy to fill competency gaps

Strategic planning and implementation of a policy deployment system for a state government agency

Evaluation of Chinese automotive market and development of market and customer plans for an international automotive system supplier

Product or Process Improvement Projects

Operational Improvement and Facilities Rationalization Through the Application of Lean Principles in a North American automotive component manufacturer

Operating System Improvement for the Mexico operations of an automotive component supplier

Operational Improvement Through Application Of Lean Principles in the Office Support Processes of a custom building materials component manufacturer

Product Line Engineering Process Improvement for a global automotive component company

Acquisition Integration for entry into adjacent market segment – relocation of assets and inventory from low-cost region, integration into existing production facility, implementation of material pull systems

Development of a product commercialization system for a global automotive component supplier