Transforming Strategy into Success
How to Implement a Lean Management System

Direction Associates: Transforming Strategy Into Success

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George Shinkle, Reb Gooding, and Mike Smith have written a book that describes how to implement the concepts that Direction Associates has successfully used with clients around the world. This easy to read, but thorough, book is unlike the many books that describe what is important; this book describes how to do it. It is a must for anyone interested in implementing a lean management system and moving toward the true lean enterprise.


  • Transforming Strategy into Success introduces lean principles to the realm of corporate leadership and management. The authors provide a practical and comprehensive approach to implementing strategic intent in organizations through the use of lean management systems, strategic planning, lean enterprise management, leadership, and team building. This book is filled with real-life success stories that illustrate how companies have profited through the use of this lean methodology.
  • Unique features include a new model for a lean management system, management systems diagramming, and a circular systems model for strategic direction setting. The approach presented is founded upon employee alignment through involvement and building employee buy-in to support implementation.
  • Simple, comprehensive, and practical, Transforming Strategy into Success is a must read for lean practitioners, lean learners, and organizational leadership.


“Transforming Strategy into Success contains the basic philosophy of the Toyota Production System applied to management. Everybody can utilize the content as a practical guide.”

Takehiro Kubo, Group Manager, Overseas Customer Service Technical Division, Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan

“Impressive in its breadth, staggering in its implications. If you have been waiting for “Hands On, No Nonsense” material to help you understand the Lean Journey, Transforming Strategy into Success is it. Get started! Buy it! Use it! It works! I am now on my 6th “Lean Journey” and believe this is definitely a must read for my direct reports as this systematic approach will help you accomplish the initial steps on this journey in much less time.”

Dr. Willie P. Ozbirn, Director North American Operations , Invensys Climate Controls, Invensys Plc

“Economic Security for nations will come from Technology Development and Commercialization of Intellectual Property. This book does an excellent job explaining about the “ Lean “ Concept to help companies be better, faster, cheaper and different than their competition. It is a must read . . . especially for the governments who want to have freedom, prosperity and High Tech Brain Trust jobs for their people.”

Ilker “Ike” Bayraktar, Vice President, AeroVironment Inc.

“The concepts and methodology described in Transforming Strategy into Success enabled us to achieve our growth and profit objectives. It is tremendous!”

Matthias M. Rosenbaum, Former Managing Director, KS Kolbenschmidt, Germany

“Outstanding. A wonderful methodology to apply lean principles to management systems and the total enterprise. It works.”

Steve Davis, Engineering Director, Visteon Corporation

Additional Reference Materials

The following are thumbnails on a selection of classic and more recent books that are high in value for the insights provided for setting direction, developing winning strategies, and improving organizations.

Creating the Corporate Future by Russell Ackoff

A challenging read that forces you to consider using systems thinking, creating an environment for success, and avoiding the trap of dependence on forecasting processes and assumptions that are inherently inaccurate. Provides a philosophical basis for DAI approach

Strategy Safari by Henry Mintzberg, Bruce Ahlstrand, and Joseph Lampel

Reviews ten accepted academic schools of thought for developing business strategy, clearing up confusion and providing a coherent approach to strategy formation.

Leading Change by John Kotter

Describes the factors for changing an organization and provides an 8 stage process for accomplishment of the desired change.

Competing for the Future by Gary Hamel and C. K. Prahalad

Introduces the concept of building strategy to win around core competence of the organization.