Value Creation

Value Creation: Product/Service Planning and Commercialization – evaluating and choosing the appropriate technologies, products, skills, and competencies needed to support the growth of the enterprise.

Efficiently and effectively bringing new products to market is critical to the success of nearly every organization. New product initiatives must satisfy internal requirements such as cost, revenue, unit sales, capex, quality/warranty while achieving a high level of market acceptance by meeting or exceeding end-user and channel partner needs – price, features, performance, quality, aesthetics.

Due to the impact of new products on brand image, market share, and profitability coupled with significant resource requirements it is imperative that organizations have robust processes for assessing customer needs, selecting & prioritizing projects, allocating cross-functional resources, and developing & launching new products.

Below is a list of key, proven tools that DAI applies to assist clients in enhancing the value of the portfolio of the enterprise.

Direction Associates: Value Creation Details

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