Focus: Direction Setting and Alignment – setting the fundamental direction for the enterprise and aligning the entire organization around the chosen direction

DAI focuses on four questions:

  1. Where are we today?
  2. Where do we intend to go?
  3. How do we intend to achieve this?
  4. Are we making acceptable progress?

A common understanding of the current situation is achieved by conducting a detailed assessment of factors such as performance, capabilities, competitive positioning, key issues, and paradigms. The foundation for thoroughly exploring visioning options starts with the application of the DAI Concept Model, a practical and easy to understand tool that is used to evaluate the operating environment of an organization. The market potential for the vision must be understood prior to creating the strategic plan and support plans. During implementation the focus shifts to the efficacy of key initiatives and the measurement of chosen metrics to assure that the desired results are achieved.

Below is a list of key, proven tools that DAI applies in setting clear direction and aligning the client’s organization.

Direction Associates: Focus Details

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