Profile: Mike Smith

Mike Smith pulls groups together. He helps teams focus, evaluate situations, and implement improvements.


Solves Challenging Problems Energetically
Drives Organizations to Accomplish the Vision
Evaluates Situations Quickly and Skillfully
Encourages and Motivates People to Be Effective


  • Experienced International Consultant
  • Experienced Lean Sensei
  • Led Lean Management System implementation project for a major global automotive supplier
  • Implemented lean concepts in manufacturing operations for major automotive suppliers in Africa and North America which caused improvement in uptime and productivity and reduced cost, floor space required, customer complaints, and warranty
  • Developed lean QS9000 transition plan for machining supplier to automotive and medical industries
  • Over 10 years with General Motors
  • Worked with Toyota
  • Directed manufacturing, technical, and quality organizations
  • Managed special task teams
  • Developed successful products and processes
  • Coordinated plant wide lean reorganizations
  • Experienced in Toyota Production System implementation


BSGE, University of Illinois


Mike’s experience; coupled with his enthusiasm, stamina, and leadership ability allow him to adapt to new situations and to resolve complex issues quickly.

Mike draws on a wide variety of experiences from his background in manufacturing, manufacturing engineering, and design engineering to improve client operations. He focuses on people and performance, and helps clients to transform complex concepts into valuable results. Mike enjoys working with people from any function or background. He has worked internationally with diverse global customers.

Mike is highly skilled in lean manufacturing methods and has fulfilled the role of lead “sensei” in plant wide improvement projects. His depth of practical experience in directing plant level improvement, product and process design, quality, and lean implementation is invaluable. Mike helps make organizations more profitable through the implementation of lean concepts.

Mike enjoys “tinkering” in his home shop and participating in his children’s activities. He likes scale modeling, woodworking, metalworking, and remodeling projects. He enjoys all competitive sports and he coaches his children’s little league baseball, softball, and soccer teams.