Profile: Reb Gooding

Reb Gooding is a master strategist. He is adept at aiding clients in clearly defining their vision for the future and in developing the strategy best suited for their situation.


Distills Key Issues Skillfully
Has Keen Insight on Global Competition
Builds Successful Businesses
Thrives in Challenging Situations


  • Experienced International Consultant
  • Developed strategic direction and implementation system for major automotive suppliers in Europe, Africa, and North America
  • Established market strategy and implementation plan for major North American and European automotive suppliers
  • Developed global integration plan for European and North American conglomerates
  • Developed strategic alignment for North American industry associations
  • Over 20 Years with General Motors
  • Directed business segments, strategic planning, marketing, and sales groups
  • Built a business from $10 to $200 million
  • Managed a $500 million business


BSME, General Motors Institute
MSIA, Krannert School, Purdue University

Advanced Study Programs

Marketing and Strategic Planning at MIT, Northwestern and University of Pennsylvania


Reb thrives in complex situations. He is skilled at aiding clients to quickly identify and focus on key issues, to think into the future, see implications and chart a course of appropriate actions. Reb is an expert at helping clients develop and evaluate alternative approaches and choose the strategy best suited for their situation.

Reb’s experience with organizations in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and North America provides a global perspective for Direction Associates’ clients. Clients are comfortable with Reb directing senior management retreats, aiding middle management teams in becoming aligned, or acting as a sounding board for individuals at all levels of the organization.

Reb’s management experience in the automotive industry and his international consulting background provide a basis to tailor unique processes for clients that focus on understanding, asset alignment, lean management systems, implementation, and ultimately improved organizations. Reb helps clients to think and act strategically.

Reb enjoys activities with his family and sports of all kinds. He is an avid golfer, tennis player, and water skier. He likes high-performance automobiles and auto racing.