Strategic Planning and Management System Improvement

Client: A global automotive component company

A multibillion dollar German automotive components company that traced its roots to the beginning of the automotive industry decided to internationalize its approach to serving the automotive market.

DAI designed and implemented a detailed strategic planning process utilizing group processes with the management team. In addition a growth strategy was formulated along with a supporting market plan, supporting product and process technology plans were developed, and an initiative management system was created to drive implementation and policy deployment. Facilities rationalization studies were completed with supporting recommendations.

The initial project was completed within an intense seven month period of work. Initially the group approach was resisted, but once the benefits were recognized it was enthusiastically accepted and alignment of the management team was achieved. During the project, the company was acquired in a somewhat hostile takeover, and the CEO resigned. In spite of this, the new management board adopted the plan and the systems that had been designed. The company successfully achieved its growth targets and remains a major player in the automotive industry.